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[Kang Sora] Entrevista - Sesión fotográfica para  Asia Today

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Kang Sora: “It Was Hard to Accept Lee Jong Suk’s Aegyo”


Kang Sora: “It was hard to accept Lee Jong Suk’s Aegyo”

In an interview with OSEN, actress Kang Sora shared a little information about her co-star in “Doctor Stranger, Lee Jong Suk.

The actress who played the character “Oh Soo Hyun” in “Doctor Stranger” said about her co-star Lee Jong Suk, “I’m friends with Lee Jong Suk. He’s really very sociable. Would you believe that he gave actress Lee Bo Youngthe nickname ‘Bo Young Jjing’? I froze for three…

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Kang Sora mentions Jongsuk in her interview


"I am friends with Jongsuk now. He’s very friendly and his aegyo is really good. Can you imagine that he calls Lee Boyoung-sunbae "Boyoung jjang!"? I’ve also been surprised by the way he expresses his feelings. In the past, I only knew about the actor Lee Jong Suk but didn’t have any personal…

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My bias has me from awww he’s so cute and talented and funny i love him to why do i love you

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The reason behind Youngjae’s price.

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Anonymous: "wait what did daehyun do tho"


what did daehyun do?

what did daehyun motherfucking do?


what hasn’t daehyun done?


First of all, during their debut era he put on this motherfucking facade. Acting like he was mother teresa and what not with his masks, and making every fan 'aww' at him because he didn't fucking talk.


Then this motherfucker comes back, and he don’t got a mask on, and all of a sudden he went from a 10 to a fucking 1000. And he talking, and he teasing, and he is killing fan girls every time he opens his blessed evil ass mouth.


And then his high notes. His god damn high notes. I swear on everything I love, that man knows what happens to fan girls when he hits those fucking high notes. I’ve seen him in concert, I’ve seen his fucking smirk just before he fucks up our hormones. He uses his mouth to his advantage, in every damn way possible. Even when he is eating, he is doing the most with his mouth. 



Because Jung Daehyun knows that his mouth is the epitome of temptation. Jung Daehyun wants us to sin.


Jung Daehyun has committed horrible crimes against mankind.

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bang yongguk: leader, rapper, & ping pong princess(◡‿◡✿)
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140722 B.A.P ATTACK ! Chapter 10 - Jongup’s hotel room scene

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